AgriServe GmbH
Br├╝ggerfeld 36
D-29574 Ebstorf
Phone: +49 5822 947483
Fax: +49 5822 947493
A warm welcome to AgriServe GmbH!

We are specialised on importation of and Europe-wide trade with

early potatoes
citrus fruits
inshell peanuts

originating from Egypt.

We trade with all kinds of agricultural products from Egypt, but over the years we have specialised on early potatoes. Our clients are wholesalers, traders, prepackers and supermarkets all over Europe.

Based on our well developed national and international network, we have created the essentials to be a strong partner for you, offering high quality products, reliable service and long-term experience.

Unfailing competence in logistics and the well spread regional storage of our imported goods allows us to react quickly to the demands of our clients and markets.

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